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At Gallery Support Group we focus on one thing and one thing only – Art.  This means that whichever part of the Company you work with you know that you will be dealing with people who understand your needs on a professional level.

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/ Art Transport


Full service art transport, including Government Indemnity Scheme – We are proud to work with many of the UK and Europe’s finest institutions; operating to the highest standards and providing dedicated account planning and flexibility.

/ Art Storage


Offering over 12,000 sq ft of art-dedicated storage from dry heat to climate controlled with bonded facilities available.

/ Installation Service

For private collectors, Curators, Gallerists, Exhibition Managers and Interior Designers alike: Our team is trusted to give museum-standard quality to all who need experienced technical skills – both with the handling and installation of your artworks as well as understanding the challenges of the architectural environment.


/ Art Lighting


Our dedicated team can advise on all levels of art lighting – from re-lighting individual artworks in private residences to consulting with some of the world’s most celebrated architects to design fully integrated systems.




/ Scotland Division


With a dedicated division based in Scotland and led by a highly experienced Director, we can work closely with the Scotland's arts sector to meet the requirements of the industry from individual transit and storage requests through to dedicated liaising on projects and full local logistical support.


/ London Art Shuttle

Our innovative, daily and low cost answer to getting your art around London quickly and safely.



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/ Masstone

Masstone is setting new standards in Exhibition Design, Corporate and Private Collection management and implementation.


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